Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Information

Ever herd of Free 411? It is a free nationwide directory assistance. Free from any phone. Might get charged minutes from your phone service but not from free 411 they don't charge anything. There sponsors cover the service costs by playing short advertising messages(usually about 15 seconds)Ads are usually based on your search. Also you can text or get texted while on free 411 it is free also but your standard text messaging rates from your phone company will apply. But you need to press the key that applies for the text when on the call. Free 411 is a service of Jingle Networks Inc. Now this is the thing when you call free 411 usually you don't get a live operator but here is a why you can. You can get a live operator if you want by going to www.free411.com and go to my free 411 and follow directions. Register online and receive free live operator support (if in your area code) I know I am going to enjoy the live operator and I know you will to. You also get to see all the calls that you have made like the numbers,maps,directions and the best part, your saving allot of money.

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